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Contact Form 7

Easily send to a recipient based on a drop-down choice

A staple plugin I have used over the years with WordPress has been Contact Form 7. It’s a basic form plugin but it is highly customisable by adding your own CSS styling. One of the things I needed to do for a site was to make sure an email was delivered to different recipients depending on the location the user selects. For example, I needed the user to select an option from the drop-down menu. Depending on which location they selected this was where the email would go.

Let’s set up the Contact Form 7 form:

    1. Create your contact form with the regular tags eg: Name, Phone, Email etc..
    2. Create a tag field –  [select* recipient]
      This tag field works the same as a [select menu] it creates a drop-down menu. I have placed an asterisk in this field to make the field required.
    3. Add items to your list. eg: [select* recipient “Paris” “Rome” “London”]
      These could be store locations, departments in a company, business locations etc.
    4. Now we need to adjust this list to include the email addresses after each location. You need to add a “|” (pipe) between each location. This hides the email address from the user but tells contact form 7 where the email should go. eg:  [select* recipient “Paris|” “Rome|” “London|”]

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  1. Now to fill out your mail fields. Update the to: field in the mail section. Add the word [recipient]. This will now send the mail to whomever the user selects from the drop-down list.
  2. I also added in my message body a line to show who the email was intended for. Selected Recipient: [recipient]. This will now show the email address in the message body.

Simple, easy and effective 🙂

If you want to use this plugin yourself on your WordPress site you can find it here: Download Contact Form 7