Are you backing up your website and updating regularly?

It is so important to run regular backups on your site in the event of a conflict or god forbid a hacker. WordPress and plugin developers release updates regularly to fix bugs and security vulnerabilities. These need to be applied to your site to keep it running in tip top condition.

Some website hosting comes with maintenance but most users hosting is maintained by themselves. If you fall into the later there are a few reasons you need to keep up to date and make sure your website is maintained.


A lot of websites keep sensitive information in their databases. It is your responsibility to keep this safe for your customers and visitors. Websites are not immune to disk crashes and faults on their servers and also content management systems like WordPress are vulnerable to attacks. Plugins used in sites can also cause conflicts. This is where backups come in. A back up plugin should be installed and scheduled regularly to ensure the website has a copy ready to go.

Updates for the CMS and plugins

Like our own computers, developers for WordPress are constantly creating updates that need to be applied. They do this to fix vulnerabilities and make sure that things run smoothly. It is recommended that you always keep your site running the latest version as soon as possible to make sure the patches are current.

Plugin developers also create updates to work smoothly with the latest WordPress version. They also may update their plugin with new features or to patch issues.

By applying updates to the CMS (content management system) and plugins you will be taking a proactive step to make sure you website is safer and more secure.

Checks and repairs

Even with backups and updates sometimes things get changed in the code. Check the site over regularly for broken links, missing images or things not working as intended. Address anything you find as soon as possible so that your customer/clients user experience is not effected. If code needs to be adjusted and you’re not sure how to go about it reach out to a website developer to give you a hand.

Are you lost? Do you need a hand?

If all of this seems a little daunting or you just want to outsource it to someone then send me a message

I can assist you with keeping your site up to date, applying fixes and updating your content regularly if you need it.